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Georgia lawmakers have the chance to save tens of thousands of animals’ lives. They have the chance to be leaders in creating a world that does not tolerate cruelty towards animals. The question is, will they do it?

Earlier this year, Tennessee launched an animal abuse registry similar to that used for sex offenders. This registry will make it much easier to keep innocent animals out of the hands of known abusers. The lawmaker who introduced the legislation for the registry has talked to Georgia state legislators about passing a similar bill, but so far they have not taken any action.

Please sign Sierra’s Care2 petition urging Georgia’s state legislators to introduce and pass a bill to create a statewide animal abuse registry.

The way it works is that anyone convicted of animal abuse would have to register their name, address, and photograph with law enforcement. This computerized list of known offenders would then be available to breeders, shelters, and stores so that they can check it before sending an animal home with someone. If a merchant does not check the list before a sale or knowingly gives an animal to someone on the list, they would be held responsible.

The registry has tremendous potential to stop people who habitually harm pets, and it would not cost taxpayers a penny. Instead, the convicted animal abusers on the list would have to pay a yearly maintenance fee to cover all costs.

If the General Assembly passes a bill like Tennessee’s, Georgia would become the second state in the country with a statewide animal abuse registry. Similar bills are already being considered in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas. If Georgia passes legislation this year to create a registry, these states might be encouraged to pass their pending bills.

The lives of tens of thousands of animals are at stake. So raise your voice to demand that the Georgia General Assembly pass a bill establishing a statewide animal abuse registry.

During this contentious election year, the republicans and democrats are not likely to agree on much. But the more people we get to sign this petition, the more likely it is that the Georgia politicians will listen to us and pass this game-changing piece of legislation. And who knows, maybe other states would follow their example!

Thank you,

  Lacey K. The Care2 Petitions Team


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